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. Sentilant develops disruptive SW solutions that use existent systems and hardware to provide new insights, helping you to improve your business and everyday life.

Data collection

Sensorial data collection
from mobile devices

Business Intelligence

Extraction of knowledge from
business and process-related data


User friendly and powerfull visualizations
for the obtained information

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Sentilant won two technological innovation awards in 2011 and 2012 with a project that combines sensorial data collected from smartphones to help users improve driving efficiency.

Arrisca C 2012: Proof of
concept contest

Inov C prize (First prize)

PT Galp Innovation

Second prize

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A personal driving coach on your smartphone

Driving your business towards productivity

A full featured and robust framework for Large Scale Data Collection, Crunching and Visualization

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Sentilant - Consultoria e Inovação, Lda
Rua Pedro Nunes - IPN Incubadora
3030-199 Coimbra, Portugal
+351 239 704 417